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In the morning of 26th May 2013, The 4TH CONFERENCE CHINA AND THE 2ND SHENZHEN INTERNATIONAL ITS & LBS EXPO has grandly opened in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center. The exhibition is co-sponsored by Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and GNSS & LBS Association of China, which is one of the biggest professional ITS exhibitions in Asia.

Hisense TransTech Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as”HTT”) has provided the professional integrated solutions and self-designed products in terms of urban transportation, public transit, rail transit, road electromechanical engineering based on the theme of “ITS Integrated Solution Expert”. Also, the concise and nice booth and rich product series make HTT is showing itself very successfully and resoundingly among the numerous booths.

At 10 on the 26th , Mr. Min, Huang, the director of Transport Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, Mr. Jincai, Yang who is the president of Shenzhen ITS Industry Association and so forth as a group to visit HTT exhibition room for long. (Please see the below pictures.)

At 11 on the same day, the enterprise signing ceremony of exhibition has been opened, Mr. Xin, Liu who is Chief Engineer of HTT has participated in the ceremony. (Please see the picture as below.)

In the afternoon of 26th, the plenary session is grandly convened with brilliant speech by famous ITS experts regard to ITS industrial and technical development. (Picture as below)

At 18 on the 26th, the Award ceremony of ITS & LBS entrepreneur salon is opened successfully, HTT won the award of “The recommended brand of ITS construction”.(Please see the picture as below.)

In the morning of 27th , the urban ITS forum based on the theme of “Road Traffic Safety Management and Intelligent Technology” is hold at Chrysanthemum Hall on the level 5 of exhibition center. Mr. Sihai, Zhang who is the Vice Chief Engineer of HTT presented a wonderful report based on the topic of “The Signal Control technology application and development under the new situation”, he aimed at three issues including the whole signal control changes in nationwide, summary of industrial typical problems and HTT’s targeted solutions. (Picture as below)
During the three days of exhibition, HTT has obtained the highest compliments and attentions from all delegates and attracted plenty of medium to interview and report it. Moreover, HTT has successfully made its high level brand image in ITS industry further on and also offered a fantastic opportunity for future market development.




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