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Hisense attended the Fourteenth Asia Pacific Intelligent Traffic Forum


On April 27th, the Fourteenth Asia Pacific Intelligent Traffic Forum was solemnly hosted in Nanjing. More than 700 intelligent transportation related government representatives, experts and scholars, business people were together from more than 40 countries and regions to discuss the future development of intelligent transportation. 

As the leading enterprise in the field of intelligent traffic in China, Hisense TransTech Co.,Ltd. has also displayed a number of excellent core technology products and integrated solutions of the city traffic management, transportation management, traffic management, maintenance services and other areas in this forum. In the field of urban traffic management, Hisense is committed to develop the overall solution of city level intelligent transportation and safe city, and uses the core technology of independent research and development to ensure a good system application effect. In the "Big Traffic" in the field, Hisense provides a comprehensive passenger transport hub intelligent system solutions, Urban Public Transport Intelligent Platform Solution, Integrated Information Service Platform System Solution and Intelligent Public Transport System. In the "Rail Transit", Hisense provides a comprehensive monitoring, the overall solution of passenger information and communication system, and has integrated monitoring platform software, passenger information system software intellectual property soft, which can fully meet the personalized needs of customers. In the field of operation and maintenance services, Hisense has built an Intelligent Cloud Service Center, using advanced large data technology and fault diagnosis technology to build closed-loop operation and maintenance service system, which can effectively guarantee the system operation effect. 


Afternoon, Hisense TransTech Co.,Ltd. and Nanjing University, Nanjing Jin Xiao Electronic Cooperation held a signing ceremony for the research center of Construction Engineering in Jiangsu province, to further increase investment in research and development of technology in Jiangsu Province and actively promote the development of the industry. 


At present, Hisense intelligent traffic system has been applied in more than 50 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and has participated in the Olympic Games in Beijing, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and other large activities. Hisense has currently taken up the first in the intelligent transportation market share for many years, of which the market share of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is more than 70% in the industry. Hisense has been named as the No.1 of outstanding system integrators in China intelligent transportation industry In the future, Hisense will actively carry out the integration and innovation of the Internet and intelligent transportation technology, to boost the innovative development of intelligent transportation and contribute to the promotion of traffic information and intelligent service level. 

In the evening of April 27th, the welcome dinner as the theme of "Hisense Nanjing night" was opened, the general manager Mr. Chen Weiqiang of Hisense TransTech Co.,Ltd. was invited to deliver the speech. Mr. Chen Weiqiang said, Hisense always adheres to the development strategy of "technology enterprise" and has achieved fruitful results in the city traffic, transportation, rail transportation, maintenance services and other industries direction after 17 years of dedicated work. Hisense will focus on improving the industry's user experience and system use effect, to create the ultimate, simple products, for the development of intelligent transportation industry to make greater contributions.  

The general manager Mr. Chen Weiqiang of Hisense TransTech Co.,Ltd. delivered the speech. 

Hisense TransTech Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1998, focusing on providing city traffic, transportation, rail transportation and other areas of products, system solutions and maintenance services. Hisense TransTech Co.,Ltd. is currently the only enterprise which has national engineering technology research center in China, and has participated in the preparation of the 19 areas of intelligent transportation national standards. The number of patent and software copyright which Hisense owned reached to 470. And Hisense TransTech Co., Ltd. was named as No.1 of the outstanding system integrators in China intelligent transportation industry. 


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