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Yichang BRT Intelligent System which was built by Hisense won the International Award!


In January 13th, the advanced experience and achievement of the BRT project in Yichang City gained the world recognition, which won the "2016 World Sustainable Transport Award". 

At 9:30 on January 13th of Peking time (at 8:30 on the evening of January 12th of Washington time), the United States Institute of Transportation and Development CEOClaytonLane announced the awarded city of "2016 world Sustainable Transportation Award". Yichang has defeated many cities including Russia, Moscow, Argentina and Rosario and other eight cities to win the award, which became the second city getting this award of China. 

GTZ senior traffic consultant ManfredBreithaupt said, “this award is very competitive, and why we choose Yichang, because we think that the priority development of public transport policy of the government is very firm, and we hope that the Yichang experience can go to other city around the world, so that more and more people can enjoy the fast travel of BRT.”

Pan Deke, who is the Board Secretary of the developing Country Transportation Committee and the consultant of the State Council of People's Republic of China said, “Yichang BRT is very efficient and modern. Both a win-win results has been reached for both of the public users and the participators, and Yichang BRT has a very good demonstration value.” 

BRT is short for rapid transit system, which is a new public transport system between the rail transit and bus transit. It is a kind of transportation way with middle transportation capacity, which is usually also known as "the subway on the ground ". The total length of Yichang BRT is 23.9 kilometers, which has the longest single line in the city center, the shortest distance, the most stations, the most difficult construction of the BRT project, the total investment of 1 billion 600 million yuan. The project was officially opened on July 2015, with an average daily delivery of about 200000 passengers. So far, the total volume of passenger traffic has reached about 30000000 people, creating a new era of green travel in Yichang. 

It is understood that the "World Sustainable Transportation Award", which is reviewed annually, is an important international award for the achievement of sustainable transportation in cities around the world in the past year. The selection committee includes ten international agencies, including the United Nations Regional Development Centre, the Institute for transportation and development, and the environmental protection foundation. Prior to this, the winning cities included New York, Paris and London, Guangzhou, and so on. Yichang is the second city in China to receive the award.


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