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Hisense was invited to attend the Annual Meeting of China's Intelligent Transportation Market and gained many Awards


In April 6, 2016, Qingdao Hisense TransTech Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the Fifth Session (2016) Annual Meeting of Intelligent Transportation Market in China, and this annual meeting was focused on the theme of “Review and Prospect - collaborative development”, to explore the development of Intelligent Transportation Industry. 

In the Mobile Internet and Traffic Innovation Development Forum, Hisense deputy general manager Liu Xueli as guests of the forum combined the enterprise development to explore the "Internet plus" and the transformation development topics with a number of peer companies. General Manager Liu Xueli said, Hisense was committed to develop the intelligent transportation, safe city market deeply. The company will increase investment in research and development of new technologies, new products, so as to strengthen international cooperation for the rapid and healthy development of the company and continues to establish the technology and product advantages! 

 Hisense deputy general manager Liu Xueli as guests of the forum participated in the discussion

In the main hall, chief designer Mr. Yi Huajun of Hisense city traffic department made a speech about the system development trend of traffic signal control based on big data, the limitations and the signal system, reviewing the development process of China's existing signal system and explaining and analyzing the future development trend.   


 Chief designer Mr. Yi Huajun of Hisense city traffic department made a speech

In the Most Influential Enterprise Award Ceremony of Fifth Session of the City Intelligent Transportation (ITS), Hisense won the three awards:

 “China Top 20 performance of Urban Intelligent Transportation System Integrator in the year of 2011-2015”

“China Top 10 Outstanding Enterprise of Intelligent Bus Industry in 2015”

“China Top ten Outstanding Enterprise of Traffic Signal Control Industry in 2015” 


The relevant industry statistical analysis report shows: Hisense ranked the No. 1 of the city intelligent traffic order performance in 2015 and ranked the No.1 of city intelligent transportation enterprise performance in total in 2011-2015. Hisense was far ahead of the other peers in the intelligent transportation market performance and its bus rapid transit (BRT) market share took up more than 70%. The total selling volume of traffic signal controller was the first for 4 consecutive years and the market share of rail transit has been promoted rapidly. In 2012 -2015 bidding project, Hisense accounted for 32% of these projects with the size of more than 100 million yuan, and the bid amount accounted for up to 42%. Hisense products and solutions have been successfully applied to the more than 100 cities in China. 


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