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Hisense 7" led the development of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system "the national standard in the green Xuanguan


In June 15th, the National Standard Publicizing Meeting of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system was held in the Qingdao, it is reported that this meeting is opened for more than 50 technical experts from Beijing, Xiamen, Qingdao and other places aiming to announce the 7 bus rapid transit (BRT) national standard system. Reporter learned that the 7 national standards are dominated by Hisense, and published in May 2015. As the first brand in the field of intelligent transportation, Hisense general manager Liu Xueli also said Hisense would uphold the principle of "open" and "cooperation", and Hisense would always share the BRT field of successful construction experience and contribute to the development of bus rapid transit.

During the meeting, Hisense general manager Liu Xueli said, Hisense adopted many experiences of BRT construction in the process of formulating standards. At the same time, Liu also said that Hisense would adhere to the "open" and "cooperation" concept and share BRT successful construction experience and work together with relevant partners, so as to achieve BRT command center system and intelligent vehicle equipment and station platform system between the ubiquitous data exchange, build smart public transportation ecosystem and promote the healthy and sustainable the development of industry.

As the first brand in the  intelligent transportation field, Hisense had the highest market share: the transportation market share was up to 30%, rapid transit was as high as 70%. In China, BRT have been built in 25 cities, 19 of which was built by Hisense. Hisense has the rich experience in the construction of BRT project. Particularly The Yichang BRT project won the 2015 world sustainable transportation award in Washington, D. c.

According to relevant data statistics, in 2016, Hisense ranked first in the intelligent bus market.


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