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Hisense won two Awards!


Recently, Hisense has gained two awards: one was that Hisense Data Cube System V5.0 was identified as" Outstanding Big Data Analysis Product "in Chinese big data intelligence application summit, and the other one is that Hisense was named the "2017 Chinese Recommended Brand of Intelligent Transportation Construction" on the eve of 2017 sixth Shenzhen International Conference on intelligent transportation and satellite navigation location services exhibition,.

One billion data can be completed in 30 seconds, Hisense data cube has got the leading position in the industry with a strong function and this data cub made the traffic control platform more powerful.

It is reported that Hisense data cube was specialized for traffic data analysis platform and could be analyzed fast modeling and high performance visualization of massive traffic data, the traffic congestion, traffic safety risk, traffic order, the vehicle traffic organization optimization precision strike, thematic analysis and supported traffic management departments for decision-making, so as to improve the city traffic operation efficiency.

Reporters learned that 2017 sixth Shenzhen international intelligent transportation and satellite navigation and location services exhibition opened in Shenzhen, as the professional exhibition industry in large scale, the exhibition would select on the eve of the opening of the "2017 Chinese Recommended Brand of Intelligent Transportation Construction", Hisense has received this award for many times, this year Hisense won this honor again. 



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