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Hisense was invited to participate in the World Conference on Intelligence!


In June 29th, the first World Conference on Intelligence was held in Tianjin, as an important part of the World Conference on intelligence, the World Exhibition of Intelligent Technology invited many international and domestic enterprises and organization, so  as to show the global smart field of new technologies, new products, new achievements.

In the field of intelligent transportation, Hisense was one of enterprises which were invited to take part in this conference. In this exhibition, Hisense also carried the "Intelligent Bus" and other products and solutions which were attracted many people's eyes.

Intelligent Bus

Intelligent transportation is the traditional advantage of Hisense, and Hisense has been the first brand of intelligent transportation. At this exhibition, Hisense mainly demonstrated two highlights functions: A variety of broadcast ways for the congestion within the bus; Driving behavior monitoring based on video analysis.

1. A variety of broadcast ways for the congestion

Now the bus real-time arrival inquiries are more common, but public transport information release can do better. Hisense has achieved real-time vehicle congestion and real-time road traffic congestion in china through the reuse of in car cameras. Release forms are more diverse: palm bus, APP, electronic bus stop can be. Thus, when the vehicle is particularly crowded and poor comfort, passengers can conduct the more flexible planning itinerary, in order to enhance the travel experience.

2. Driving behavior monitoring based on video analysis

The bus driver fatigue, dozing, random phone, sight and driving behavior deviated formed the main dangerous and trouble of safety. Based on this analysis, Hisense was the first in the industry by the intelligent video, and realized the real-time monitoring of dangerous driving behavior. The real-time pictures of dangerous actions could be uploaded to the remote background, and the center staff could sent the voice warning and alarm to the driver via on-board terminals, which could effectively avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents.

Intelligent Signal Capture 

Hisense's showed the red light management solution with collection of signal control, video capture, image processing, law enforcement record. Can be realized on the face recognition and capture and uncivilized behavior alarm. This solution could be extended from multiple dimensions, warning education, law enforcement and many factors to conduct the applications, and could provide the technology safeguard from the two angles of flexible and rigid law enforcement education, in order to ensure the feasibility of implementation.

1 、 Hisense traffic signal control system

Hisense traffic signal system has been the third largest international signal control system. The signal controller ranked first nationwide and the market share of product is more than 20%. Hisense launched the traffic signal system based on the data of the brain in industry, which adopted the big data and artificial intelligence technology and developed the macro, meso and micro three categories of twenty-five kinds of control strategies.

2 、Extraction and analysis technology for video feature 

Hisense adopted the deep learning method, learning and training through massive data, and the target feature detection rate and recognition rate has been  higher than the industry average of about 5%, to achieve high detection rate and high recognition rate; target recognition features got the 12 new species than their peers to obtain more detailed objectives of unstructured vector information in the video (such as car damage information).

3 、 Intelligent face recognition and alarm system

It could automatically detect faces and compare them with images in the list library. The system adopted a special face feature matching algorithm, when the similarity of the face image was greater than the list library image, the system would automatically alarm.


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