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Hisense's New Security Camera is Based on an Innovative Wide Dynamic Range Solution Developed by AltaSens and Apical

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif., May 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- A joint announcement was made today that Hisense Group has released its latest Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) security camera (NVC2500), which is based on the unique turnkey WDR CMOS imaging solution provided by AltaSens, Inc., and Apical Ltd.
AltaSens and Apical started their strategic partnership more than a year ago. Building on their complementary technologies and business synergies, the partners have developed the first 1080p60 HD  WDR chipset in the imaging industry. This solution was first introduced in the China surveillance market, where several market-leading firms immediately saw the value of the system and developed camera  platforms based on the system. The Hisense NVC2500 is one of the first cameras based on this WDR chipset.
The NVC2500 high-definition network camera is a high-performance video surveillance terminal, which supports H.264 BP/MP/HP and MJPEG image compression formats and can transmit high-quality digital video by multicast and unicast in variant network conditions. Its AltaSens CMOS image sensor enhances image dynamic range substantially with innovative dual-exposure-in-a-single-frame WDR technology,  providing excellent monitoring results for any complex environment. The NVC2500 is suitable for real- time video monitoring and can be used in surveillance, traffic monitoring, electric power station, telecommunications surveillance, and other high-definition video monitoring situations.
"Hisense, an international multibillion-dollar conglomerate headquartered in Qingdao, China, is a major provider of information technology solutions and intelligent transportation systems. Cameras are at the heart of its surveillance product lines. Therefore, Hisense carefully examines and selects the best imaging technology. AltaSens' unique technology underlies the best-in-class Wide Dynamic Range CMOS image sensor. The Apical ISP is sophisticated and provides numerous features with excellent  performance. This turnkey solution, implemented on an FPGA, makes camera design easier and reduces the time to market," said Mingxin Shao, Senior Engineer at Hisense.
"I am very thrilled with the enthusiasm of Hisense engineering and executive teams. They have developed and released high-end cameras in less than a year. This is outstanding! They are really experts in their field and demand perfection, and expect nothing less from their suppliers. I have no doubt that they will be successful with this WDR camera series in China, and also in the global  surveillance market," said Pezhman Amini, Marketing Manager at AltaSens, representing the AltaSens and Apical partnership.

About Hisense
Hisense Group owns more than 40 subsidiaries with total assets of RMB 45.55 billion Yuan. 2010 revenue reached RMB 63.7 billion Yuan. Hisense ranked No. 5 in the top 100 Chinese electronic information enterprises in 2010. Find out more about various products and services of Hisense at http://www.hisense-transtech.com/en/ or http://www.hisense.com/en/
About AltaSens
Since 2003, AltaSens has been a global leader in CMOS image sensor technology for a variety of  applications, including videoconference, surveillance, broadcast and cinematography, medical, and  industrial. AltaSens' headquarters are in California, USA, with offices or distributors in North America, Taiwan, Japan, China, Europe, and Israel. Find out more about AltaSens High Definition and Wide Dynamic Range products at www.altasens.com.
About Apical
Apical is the industry leader in advanced dynamic range management and noise-reduction technology for embedded applications. The company's products are derived from research into the human visual system and are designed to maximize the performance of a wide range of image capture and display devices. The product range comprises hardware IP cores and embedded software libraries. Apical is a privately-held company based in the UK.


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