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Video Storage and Service System (VSS) V4.0

VSS is an advanced IP video storage and service solution from Hisense. It uses centralized management and distributed storage and can provide seamless management of HD and SD videos. It can receive and store live videos, retrieve records and supply downloading and playback service.
VSS is enterprise-class IP video storage management solution which can provide digital video and audio storage management service.
VSS can work with Hisense NVC serial IP cameras, NVE serial IP encoders, IVSM central management system and any third-party IPSAN/NAS device to build the overall IP-based video security system.

System Overview

• The VSS system contains the following software components:
• Master server software provides system management, monitoring, dispatching, index building, and retrieval service.
• Slave server software provides video receive and store into IPSAN, video stream service for playback and downloading.
• These software components can be run on a single server for small systems or on separate servers for large systems.

(1) System configuration
• WEB based configurator
• Pro-defined storage strategy
• Record schedule for each camera
• Backup schedule for each camera
• Storage device management

(2) Storage for media stream
• Record according to schedule
• Video resolution up to full frame 1080p
• Audio synchronization
• Media protocols include RTP, RTSP unicast and RTP multicast

(3) Backup for media stream
• Backup by manual operation
• Automatically backup by schedule
• Backup encapsulated as files

(4) Flexible storage strategy
• User-defined storage strategy
• Storage in days or weeks
• User-defined redundant unit for working unit failure handling

(5) Video retrieval and playback
• Second-level fast retrieving with definitely positioning
• Support RTSP protocol to play back with play control

(6) Records downloading
• Fast encapsulation for downloading
• Operation base on WEB
• Provide programming interface for downloading

(7) System monitoring
• Real-time system monitoring
• Display device status by icon
• Send system alarms to central management system

(1) Excellent video quality
• H.264 Baseline profile, Main profile and High profile standards
• PAL and NTSC image formats
• Resolution up to 1920×1080 and lower including 1280×720, D1, 4CIF, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
• Full frame rate for each resolution video

(2) Flexible storage strategy
• Storage schedule in days or weeks
• Pro-defined storage strategy
• Show storage schedule user-friendly

(3) Fast retrieval, playback and download
• Second-level fast retrieval with definitely position
• Support RTSP protocol to play back with play control
• Download in WEB and provide programming interface
• Downloaded files can be played by video

(4) Flexible backup by schedule
• Safely and easily backup important data
• Automatically backup by schedule and manually backup

(5) Clock Calibration and communication interfaces
• Calibrate clock with NTP server to make sure all the devices have the same time
• Communicate with any IPSAN with iSCSI protocol
• Communicate with any NAS with NFS protocol
• Programming interface based on SOCKET for developer
• Support mutiple protocols like RTSP,RTP over UDP and RTP over TCP
(6) Distributed deployment
• Deploying servers according to system scale and network architecture
• User can deploy a master server at center and any slave servers distributed
• N+1 redundancy to handle any single unit failure
(7) Easy-to-use maintenance and management
• Administrator can configure and maintain the system through WEB

Product View

                                              VSS User Interface

                                               VSS User Interface

Technical Specifications

Master Server / System
Maximum cameras management 5000
Slave Server / Single Unit
Maximum cameras 64 1080p@8Mbps
 Retrieval time < 1s
VOD Performance Total bandwidth: 560Mbps
Hardware CPU:Xeon E5400 Quad-code or equivalent CPU
RAM: 4GB or greater
Network: 1000Mbps Ethernet port
Free disk space: >80GB
OS Suse Linux Enterprise Server 11,32bits

CPU: Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 or equivalent CPU
RAM: 2GB or greater
Network: 100Mbps Ethernet port
Free disk space: >20GB

Resolution:1024*768 or higher

OS Windows XP Professional SP 2
Browser IE7.0, IE8.0


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