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Company profile

Hisense Introduction

Founded in October 1998, Qingdao Hisense TransTech Co.,Ltd. has grown into the core of the information sector in the development strategy of Hisense Group.

Hisense adheres to the development strategy of " technological innovation as the driving force " and focuses on the high-end industries and independent innovation. Hisense has been specializing in the integrative solutions of Intelligent Transportation and Smart City industry, core technologies, product R&D and services.

The market share of Hisense has ranked the first with rich industry experiences, advanced technologies and first-class quality in transportation industry for many years. Hisense has been the first brand of intelligent transportation industry in China.

In 2014, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the establishment of National City Road Traffic Intelligent Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center relying on Hisense, which becomes the only one National Engineering Technology Center relying on company in the field of intelligent transportation in China and bears the important mission of talent cultivation, technology innovation, top-level design and leading the industry development.

Development strategy

• To provide innovated and permanent integrated solutions for the intelligent transport industry.

• To be the first brand of intelligent transport in China and the expert of intelligent transport integrated solutions.

• To build a century estate and become the ITS leading brand in the world

Hisense strength

Enterprise based on technology and strong R&D ability.

Hisense has national intelligent transport engineering technology research center, national multimedia key laboratory, national enterprise technology center. Hisense is the key software enterprise in the national planning layout with the independent core technology and products, which guarantee the smart city construction.

Completed intelligent transport construction qualification.

Hisense has First Grade Qualification of National System Integration, First Grade Qualification of National Safety and Technical Protection Engineering, First Grade Qualification of Building Intelligent Engineering Design and Construction, First Grade Qualification of Highway Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Hisense is equipped with the turn-key project ability for smart city design, integration implementation, and systems maintenance.

abundant project experiences of smart city.

In the intelligent transport field, Hisense provided the system support for the Beijing Olympics, Shanghai Expo, Guangzhou Asian meeting as well as the intelligent transport system in North China, East China, East-north China, South China, Shandong areas etc. Hisense constructs the Guiyang safe city and Qingdao emergency response platform. The company has the high-quality and strong team of professional experts and management experts.

Hisense has the strong financial strength and abundant industry experience. The company can invest the smart city industry and promote the smart city development.

Market distribution

Area coverage: seven branches in Guiyang, East China, Middle China, South China, West-north China, North China, Shandong, forming the national wide sale and service network. Client distribution: the products and solutions has been applied in 100 cities in China. There are 18 first tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen etc.), 29 second tier cities (Qingdao, Guiyang, Kunming, Nanchang, Xining, Guilin etc.), and other 59 cities.

Company Glory

• 2017 China recommended brand of intelligent transportation construction

• 2016 China top ten outstanding enterprises of intelligent bus industry

• 2016 China top ten outstanding enterprises of traffic signal controller industry

• 2016 China top 10 of urban intelligent transportation integrated business performance

• 2016 huge and first-level enterprise for information systems integration and services

• CMMI-5 certification

• National credit enterprises in 2014-2015

• ISO9001 certification

• Software enterprise credit rating AAA level

• Software enterprise accreditation certificate

• High-tech enterprises certificate

• Director unit of China Association of Intelligent Transportation

• Member unit of China Standardization Committee on Intelligent Transportation

• Standing director unit of China's "traffic standardization"

• ......

Recently Hisense has won several international awards and industry awards:

Hisense "Data Cube" won the "2017 Advanced Technology Award in China International Transportation Engineering Intelligent Transportation Technology and Facilities Exhibition"

Qingdao Intelligent Transportation Construction Project won the " Outstanding Application Award of IEEE International Intelligent Transportation System " in the year of 2015

Yichang BRT Project won the "World Sustainable Transportation Award"in the year of 2015

Yantai Intelligent Traffic Management Services Project in the year of 2015 won the "the First Award of Shandong Provincial Public Security Department Science and Technology Progress"

Surveillance Video Coding and Intelligent Analysis Technology and Its Application in Urban Intelligent Transportation" Project best solutions Award won the Technological Invention First Award of China Electronic Science Association Science and Technology Award in the year of 2016

Hisense Application Oriented Smart City Solutions won the China Smart City Industry Best Solution Award in the year of 2016

Hangzhou G20 Summit Gold Medal Award in the year of 2016

In 2016 smart transportation top-thirty selection, Hisense TransTech was ranked first. Hisense TransTech Won the 2016 China's Intelligent Transportation Construction Recommended Brand, won the ITS Products Golden Lion Award of the smart transportation exhibition and other awards, and was ranked first in China's 2016 Intelligent Transportation Recommended Brands

In the Eighth Chinese International Road Traffic Safety Products Exposition, "Intelligent Transportation Cloud Platform Solutions" won the "Innovation Award", and the "Intelligent Transportation Excellent Company Award "

Hisense Integrated Hub Multi-mode Traffic Information Services and Collaborative Management and Control Platform Project won Science and Technology Award of China Intelligent Transportation Association in the year of 2016


Hisense Faiths:

Our Mission:

Be Committed to providing the comprehensive intelligent transportation system solutions and excellent products and services to meet the needs of traffic development and to improve human society’s quality.

Our Vision:

To set up Hisense as a century-old enterprise and a famous global brand.

Our Character:

Faithfulness and Integrity.

Our Spirit:

Respecting people and work, devotion, innovation and high efficiency.

Our Working Style:

Dogmatic and Resolute.

Our Quality Policy:

Excellent quality cannot flourish an enterprise in a day but a small quality blemish can destroy it immediately.

Our Technology Principle:

To develop industry by technology, to maintain advantage by originality, and to serve people by technology.

Our Marketing Policy:

Advanced technology leads the market while speed preserves technology.

Our Brand Policy:

Brand core value— persistent pursuit of technological innovation and product quality

Our International Policy:

To think internationally, to set up the brand internationally, and to compete internationally.

Our Service Principle:

Customers come first, service impartial

Our Service Commitment:

Once Promised, Forever Honored.


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