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Intelligent Dispatching System

Production Profile

The system meets the business needs of public transportation operation management and uses vehicle positioning and wireless communication, wired network information transmission to achieve the dynamic tracking of vehicle, so as to accurately help the dispatcher to grasp personnel, vehicle real-time status, and to effectively command vehicle scheduling service, further improving the management level, service level and work efficiency. At the same time, it also provides the necessary information for the passenger information service system. 

Scheduling system includes resources management, traffic planning, vehicle scheduling, monitoring and dispatching subsystem to make the computer formulate the vehicle operation schedule and labor distribution class, and to provide operational resources data management, statistical reports and other functions. And these systems can provide automated operation scheduling support to dispatchers through the operation of automatic dispatching and monitoring software.

Product Features

• Automatic dispatching: automatic acquisition of the automatic dispatching and mileage data, in order to reduce dispatcher operation, and the rate of manual intervention dispatching will be less than 5%.

• The vehicle position monitoring on lane: master and optimize the distribution of vehicles on lane and make the dispatching decision through the vehicle position monitoring to improve the utilization rate of vehicles, passenger service levels and the quality of the scheduling work.

• Vehicle violation monitoring: supervise the driving behavior and rapidly handle the violations, such as driving out of track, serious speeding and other violations monitoring.

• The automatically generation of operation report: complete the analysis of the vehicle shifts check and operation process data, to assist the dispatching process by electronic circuit, vehicle class daily paper, implementation analysis report of vehicle shifts and other reports.

• The collaborative operation instruction for resources of multi-lane cars and human: observe the status of resources in each lane and coordinate the distribution of resources in each lane.

• The emergency monitoring and instruction: quickly grasp the on-sit situation and provide the evidence for rapid and accurate processing of events by the emergency alarm function combined with video, voice communication and operation traces. 

Abnormal operation monitoring: achieve the real-time alarm through large margin, bunching, skipping the station. Stop retention and other abnormal operation service to effectively supervise the operation service quality in real time, and achieve adjustment in the first time

Product Functions

• 1, Detect the car congestion level and alert the abnormal full load rate.

• 2, Detect and display traffic condition based on bus floats, and customize congestion level and display mode.

• 3, Guide the scheduling of dispatching based on the data of previous operation and the forecast of return time according to the current traffic conditions.

• 4, Automatically detect and handle abnormal events such vehicle fault, late staff and passenger sudden increase etc. to achieve automatic adjustment of the optimal departure program.

• 5, Support cross-line vehicle automatic dispatch based on vehicle utilization and passenger flow.

• 6, Achieve automatic generation and optimization of operation schedule based on the traffic flow.

• 7, Support staff shift, round holiday, fixed-point shift and other shifts.

• 8, Support various vehicle scheduling modes such as VOIP voice telephone and SMS, etc.

• 9, Support various means of checking attendance and assessing coming to work early or late such as punching cards, and entering work number, etc. 

• 10, Automatically collect trip mileage and trip inventory of operating vehicles and non-operating vehicles such as refueling and maintenance. 


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