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Vehicle Flow Detection System

1.Solution Profile

Hisense traffic information collection system for wireless geomagnetic is mainly for traffic polices and other traffic industry users. This system is usually used in city traffic, which can detect the exist and pass of the vehicles via the sensor buried in the ground through the reluctance detection technology and can transfer the real-time detection data to the designated receivers through the low power wireless communication technology to achieve the collection of vehicle flow, lane occupancy, average vehicle speed and other traffic information. This system is applicable to the traffic signal control system and traffic information service system which can support these systems effectively and realize the better application effect and customer experience via offering the real-time, accurate and reliable data.

2.Solution Features

Business Features

• The wireless transmission distance

The system can reduce the system cost and construction period greatly by passing back the detection data of the road section through the repeaters.

• The level of braking the road is without incising the road and laying pipeline.

Compared with the coil sensor, the wireless magnetic vehicle inspection product only needs to be installed on the road surface, and the damage degree of the road is relatively low.

• The maintenance time is short, and the construction has little influence on traffic.

The installation time is generally about 10 minutes for a single lane. If the geomagnetic sensor fails or damages, it can be dug out and replaced. The maintenance time is short and the traffic is less affected.

• The higher convenience of operation and maintenance.

Each device of this system supports remote upgrade, reset, calibration, configuration parameters and other functions to achieve remote maintenance and reduce operation and maintenance costs. This system support remote monitoring, remote state monitoring and fault alarm, timely providing maintenance measures and support the system operation records, remotely reading abnormal records to make the record of failure and tracing mechanism more perfect.

• Less affected by the weather and environmental.

The geomagnetism products are not affected by the weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog and have good environmental adaptability.

• Less affected by the road construction, generally without maintenance. 

Compared with the coil which is greatly affected by the road construction, the geomagnetism products is buried under the road about 3cm, so the road construction is less damage to the products and the maintenance cost of the products is reduced.

Technology Features 

• Higher precise detection.

Under the standard environment, the accuracy degree of traffic flow detection is above 98%. In engineering environment, the accuracy degree of traffic flow detection is more than 95%. The environmental and weather factors have the less factors the geomagnetism and the detection accuracy can be consistent in all kinds of environments.

• The design of ultra low power consumption and long service life.

Geomagnetism sensor adopts the low power communication protocol dormancy algorithm design independently developed by Hisense to support more than 5-year service life under normal temperature or under high temperature conditions (via the calculation of 1000 vehicles, if the number of vehicle is reached to 20000, the service life is 4.5 years), support more than 3-year service life under low temperature (- 20 ℃ ).

• Higher transmitting power of wireless communication, long communication distance.

Considering the congestion state of vehicle and other factors on the wireless signal shielding, the distance between interference sensor and the actual installation of communication repeater is up to 60 meters (repeater need to be hung on the height of 6.5 meters). The horizon (no occlusion) communication distance between wireless repeater and receiver is up to 650 meters.

• Under the single system, the maximum number of sensor is numerous.

The number of maximum mount sensors supported by a single master controller is 80, and all sensors can be accessed by repeaters. One system can meet the application requirements of large junctions

• The adjustable sensor sensitivity 

The sensitivity of the sensor is adjustable, which can meet the requirements of various vehicle detection.

• The system interface is abundant, with higher compatibility and expansibility.

The system supports access to the signal controller through the CAN trunk and the IO interfaces, and supports the upload of the detection data to the traffic information service platform through LAN and wireless cellular network.

3.Function Profile

• The detection function for vehicle exist state

• The statistics function for vehicle flow

• The statistics function for traffic cycle occupancy 

• The statistics function for traffic cycle average speed 

• The detection function for equipment fault 

• The function for data backup

• The function for synchronous timing

• The upgrade function for remote firmware

• The function for detection control

• The selection function for traffic application mode 

• The display function for sensor matching information

• The function for dormancy control

• The function for fault alarm 

• The adaptive function for power supply mode  

• The adaptive function for wireless communication transmission path 

4.System Frame

The system comprises sensor, repeater, receiver, main controller, expander and other equipment.

Wireless geomagnetism vehicle detection system is regarded as the front-end of the traffic information acquisition. The sensors embedded under the ground detect exist and pass of the vehicles through magnetic resistance detection technology. The data is transferred into the main controller via the repeaters and receivers and then the vehicle sate information or the data of vehicle flow, lane occupancy, speed and other information will be send to the upper end of the system.

5.Main Product Profile

5.1 Wireless Geomagnetism Vehicle Sensor

Product Profile 

The wireless geomagnetic vehicle sensor VDS3001 A-01 integrates the internationally renowned magnetoresistive sensors and low-power wireless communication modules into a small round locked hard plastic enclosure for being buried road installation. In typical traffic control and management applications, the sensor is installed in the middle of the lane to detect vehicle flow and lane occupancy. Speed detection requires two sensors to be measured at a certain distance from the same lane. The advanced magnetoresistive sensor collects the information of the three axis magnetic field in real time, and identifies the obvious fluctuation of the earth magnetic field caused by the arrival of the vehicle through the three axis high-precision detection algorithm, so as to determine whether the vehicle state. The magnetic field environment changes slowly over time, so the sensors constantly calibrate the background magnetic field to adapt to environmental changes when the vehicle is not passing. 

Technology Specification

5.2 Wireless Geomagnetism Vehicle Repeater

Product Profile 

Wireless geomagnetism vehicle detection repeater (VDS3001 A-02) is a kind of wireless transmitting equipment for the wireless geomagnetic vehicle sensor and wireless geomagnetic vehicle detection main controller device. When one or more sensors in the receiving range of main controller, you can use one or more repeaters to extend the communication distance. As the uplink and downlink transfer equipment, the repeater can realize two-way wireless data transmission. The repeaters are installed on roadside poles or other structures, and the layout shall meet the requirements of the communication angle and distance.

Technology Specification

5.3 Wireless Geomagnetism main controller

Product Profile

Wireless geomagnetism vehicle detection main controller is the core equipment of wireless geomagnetism vehicle detection system, which is mainly responsible for the maintenance and management of the entire wireless network and analyzing the data collected via front-end sensor collected and transmitting the data to the traffic signal controller or traffic management system. The main controller can realize the system configuration management and the system abnormal monitoring function through the host computer software.

Main Controller A

Technology Specification 

Main Controller B

Technology Specification 


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