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Hisense Intelligent Transportation----Exclusive Model On-board GPS Dispatching Terminal---MT2101

Production Profile

On-board GPS Dispatching Terminal---MT2101 is developed by Hisense independently to achieve the automatic stop reporting, vehicle monitoring, data collection and other functions. The on-board terminal adopts the GPS locating technology, GPRS/CDMA/3G wireless technology and Ethernet interface and other technologies. 

 MT2101 is a custom-made product for the public transportation industry, which can be used in ordinary buses, BRT and trams, and can also be used in logistics, long-distance passenger transportation and other industries.

Product Features

p     Support Real Time Monitoring 

p     Support Automatic Stop Reporting  

• Support Mileage Statistics Via GPS

p     Support Real Time Voice Call

p     Support 3G Wireless Communication Technology 

p     Support Over-speed Alarm Function

p     Support Text to Speech Function 

• Support on schedule reminder and Support Violation Reminder such as the delay at stop,skip stop, running hot, behind the schedule and other violations

p     System Operation Speed becomes more fast, Storage Capacity becomes more huge, Document Storage becomes more safe 

p     Support Passenger Statistics, in order to check the charge situation and reduce fee lose 

p     The appearance and display result of LCD become more artistic, and the Reader and Writer of IC card is integrated on the LCD screen to achieve the Driver Attendance Management and other functions.

Product Functions

p     Driver attendance management function 

p     On schedule reminder

p     Voice call function

p     RS232 communication function

p     RS422/485 communication function 

p     The voice of internal and external channels can be adjusted separately  

p     Support multiple voices and languages 

• Violation reminder and reporting functions

p     Bus dispatching function

p     Human machine interaction function

p     Multiple lanes operation function

p     Delayed power-off function

p     Maintenance support 

p     Chinese and English characters display 

p     Support the GPRS/CDMA/3G wireless communication 

p     Support mileage statistics via GPS

p     Support to broadcast news and service, report the real time information 

    p     4- channel switch signal detection, 1 channel switch signal detection

p     Support the automatic stop reporting and manual stop reporting, support to repeat stop reporting and compensate the stop reporting

p     Automatically correct time :after getting the GPS signal, the terminal will conducting the automatically correct time via GPS

    p     Depot management:this terminal can recognize that the vehicles drive into or pull out from the primary depot,  secondary depot, maintenance yard and so on  

    p     Expansion function(optional): CAN port; one channel CAN port function ds     

The mainframe of On-board GPS Dispatching Terminal---MT2101



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