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Hisense Intelligent Transportation---Exclusively Integrative and Intelligent On-board GPS Dispatching Terminal---MT5508

Production Profile

Hisense intelligent on board terminal--- MT5508 is the new generation and hi-tech product with a set of functions including automatic Stop Reporting, audio and video surveillance storage, 3G/4G remote real-time audio and video monitoring, vehicle scheduling, high-resolution video data acquisition and storage of bus lanes, the crowded degree analysis of bus compartment, etc.

Many technologies include H.264 video codes, GPS, WCDMA/EVDO/LTE wireless communication, audio and video collection, data storage and other information technologies. Hisense MT5508 intelligent on board terminal is a kind of ideal product which has achieved the information construction, security and protection monitoring and it has improved the service level of transportation enterprises.

Product Features

The terminal possesses the function for analyzing the carriage congestion via the video to accurately report the passenger flow in each period and each section of lane, which provides the basic information for line planning, real-time dynamic scheduling and a reference for the passengers to arrange travel plans;

The terminal possesses the function of capturing the illegal vehicle in the bus lane, which provides the basic information for the law enforcement by traffic polices, and effectively regulates the traffic order of the exclusive bus road;

The terminal integrates the High-precision GPS/ Beidou positioning modules to achieve the accurate positioning and adopts the static low-pass filter to solve the problem of GPS drift. And the GPS can be ready within a few seconds after the system starts;

The terminal adopts the second link data transmission technology to achieve the data uploading and dispatch instruction reporting under the absence of GPRS signal, which ensures that the bus business is not affected;

Product Functions 

• Crowding degree analysis

p     Violation capturing in bus lanes 

• Driver attendance management

p     On schedule reminder function 

p     Voice call function

p     RS485 communication function 

p     The voice of internal and external channels can be adjusted separately  

p     Support multiple voices and languages 

• Violation reminder and reporting functions

p     Text to speech function

p     Bus dispatching function

p     Human machine interaction function

p     Multiple lanes operation function 

p     H.264 video coding and decoding function

p     Locating compensation technology

p     Detection technology for hard disk video integrality

p     Integrate CAN Port to achieve data collection 

p     Primary and secondary storage schema  

p     Electronic lock function, which can monitor whether the lock is opened and custom actions can be started

p     Wide voltage input, operate normally under DC8V-36V

p     Application automatic backups and recovery function

p     Integrate VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)function to achieve voice dispatching, voice intercom and monitoring function

Display Screen of MT5508

The main body of MT5508


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