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Hisense Handheld Terminal

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Hisense Handheld Terminal

1.Product Profile

Handheld terminal provides multimedia communication business solution to users based on the government network, enterprise network, WiFi, 4G network etc. The solution can help the user construct diversified communication collaboration platform including voice, video,data and GIS etc. The terminal support visualization dispatch, multimedia cluster scheduling, multi-unit collaboration, remote operation, intelligent production management, mobile data operation, instant messaging and other integrated business application.

2.Product Features

• Service to command and dispatch the core business, and solve the key problems of traffic management. Integrated high-precision differential positioning, multimedia scheduling and other technologies, and the central command system in-depth docking, covering 4 categories, 23 business scenarios, exclusive industry.

• Check car, search people, on-site law enforcement, easy to use, better user experience. Through the two generation card reading, voice / image rapid identification and other technologies to enhance the use of front-line police traditional application experience.

• Strong environment, adaptability and safety. With 8 hours of uninterrupted operation, endurance, IP68 advanced protection, police special buttons, sunlight and visual design, to protect the rainy day, glare and other extreme environment applications.

• Police data security and reliable, to achieve chip encryption, fingerprint verification, data remote destruction and other technologies to ensure data security.

3.Product Functions

The better application experience can be achieved by bringing the single police mobile terminal equipment in 4 kinds of business of traffic command dispatch, traffic regulation, traffic enforcement and service management, 8 scenes and 23 sub scenes.

• In traffic command dispatch, the three functions of alert disposal of police, surveillance control and huge activities. The alert disposal of police includes information push, on-site disposal, central visual command and feedback of disposal process. The surveillance control includes intelligent push of the monitoring points, the accurate alarm of the vehicle and the feedback of the disposal. The guarantee of huge activity includes the accurate task order,accurate visual command and dispatch command.

• In the traffic regulation, the functions of realization of motor vehicle information inquiries, driver information inquiries and key vehicle inspection registration can be achieved. 

• In the traffic enforcement, the functions of summary procedures, penalties,coercive measures, illegal data collection and illegal data query can be achieved.

• In the service management, the main functions of report on the post, the warning from the post, supervision on the post, process records of law enforcement,scheduling information report can be achieved.


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