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Intelligent Parking System

Production Profile

Parking magnetism detection system is based on the parking space guidance and management system of Internet of things, which achieves the communication through wireless network and Ethernet and detects the parking situation by geomagnetic methods. The dynamic parking data could be transferred to the vehicle managers and the vehicle owners through the induced publishing system, which helps to guide the owners to quickly find free parking spaces, so as to optimize the allocation of resources and improve the level of intelligent parking lot. 

Hisense parking magnetism products mainly include magnetometer sensor (embedded model) and gateway equipment, which are applicable to the roadside and closed parking lot and take the remote communication technology of LoRa which adopts the optimization algorithm to be specifically for adjacent parking, subway and other special interference scene, so as to solve the industry widespread low detection accuracy, high cost of construction.

Solution Features

Business Features

• High precision detection.

This system adopts three axis high-precision detection algorithm, specifically for the adjacent parking interference, adjacent lanes, vehicle interference, subway line interference and other subpision scenes, and detection accuracy is more than 99%.

• The cost of system construction is low.

Adopting LoRa wireless communication scheme, and the gateway coverage radius is more than 500m, and the single gateway supports mounting 300 geomagnetism. In the same parking space, the number of gateways can be effectively reduced, and the system construction cost can be saved.

• Be easy to install, easy to maintain.

The installation time of general lane is about 10 minutes, and the inner shell of sensor can adopt special tooling to be easy to be replaced, so as to improve the efficiency of maintenance. Before road construction, the sensor shell can be removed early. After finishing the construction, the shell of the sensor can be used realty. This method can save the maintenance cost.

The system supports remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, remote configuration and remote upgrade. It can realize remote maintenance, so as to effectively improve maintenance efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs. This system supports the operation of the system records,error records of remote reading, so that the fault record and traceability mechanism is more perfect.

• Less affected by the weather and environmental.

The sensor is free from rain, snow, fog, night and other weather conditions and light, and it has good environmental adaptability.

Technology Features

• The use of LoRa wireless communication technology, which greatly enhances the coverage of gateway and the number of geomagnetism.

The common 433MHz communication technology covers about 100m to 200m, and the single gateway can cover only about 15~20 parking spaces. LoRa is a representative of low power WAN technology. Its distance of sight distance without blocking is up to 2km, and the communication distance is stable to 500 meters in the parking state. So it significantly reduce the number of gateways required to save the gateway and pole costs.

• The product is stable and reliable. 

This product adopts the professional waterproof design, and waterproof performance has reached the industry's highest IPX8. The product adopts professional compressive design and its compressive strength has reached 8T, so as to ensure that the geomagnetism keep stable and reliable in the harsh environment.

Function Profile

• Detection Function

This system is suitable for road of the city parking lot within road and outdoor enclosed parking lot. The sensor outputs parking state (occupied / idle) and transfers the data information to the gateway through LoRa wireless communication mode and the gateway will transfer and update the detection data to the server end through the public network 3G communication mode.

• System Configuration Function

This system can detect all the equipment in the entire system , parameters through the upper computer software and send and read communication parameters.

• System Operation Record, Anomaly Record, Fault Record and Log Query Function 

To realize the function of reporting or reporting to the central server of each device abnormity or malfunction in the system. At the same time, the system operation records, error records and fault records can be queried through the host computer software and saved to the PC, and the above information can also be transmitted to the upper server.

• Firmware Update Function 

Gateway Upgrade: support for adopting Hisense geomagnetic configuration tools to conduct the remote wireless upgrade. 

Sensor Upgrade: support for remote wireless batch upgrade by adopting Hisense geomagnetic configuration tools; support for wireless batch updates via wireless terrestrial configuration devices.

System Frame

The system is composed of sensor, gateway and host computer configuration software:



The sensor is embedded in the parking space and detects the parking space status (occupation / idle) information and sends the status information of the parking space to the gateway, and the sensor communicate with the gateway wirelessly through the self-organizing network. The gateway receives and processes the parking space status information generated by geomagnetism and sends it to the background server through the Unicom 3G network.

Main Product Profile

5.1 Sensor

Product Function

The sensor can be installed via the buried way and the sensor is responsible for converting basic data collection form the front end into voltage sample and the microprocessor analyze the data through the detection algorithm, so as to determine the vehicle occupancy condition. At the same time, the sensor can transfer the state value form the gateway to the server via wireless communication. The sensor can be powered by battery.

Technology Specification


The gateway is arranged on the vertical pole by way of setting up and it is responsible for the forwarding and command processing of the sensor and the command of the host computer. In the access to parking management platform, the vehicle is responsible for sending the parking spaces to the platform. And the product is powered by solar energy.

Technology Specification


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