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Traffic Control System

1.Solution profile 

Hisense traffic signal control system is mainly to serve the city public security traffic management department. The traffic signal control system can achieve abundant traffic management, control functions and data collection, analysis capabilities functions which are able to cope with the complex and volatile live traffics through the traffic controller and vehicle detectors developed by Hisense dependently by three-level control models. It can smooth the traffic congestion effectively, short the travel time, reduce the traffic pollution, improve the environment, improve the capacity and efficiency of the urban road traffic and maximize the benefit of the public transportation. It provides the powerful guarantee for the travels of the residents.

2.Solution Features 

• Convenient and easy to operate:

This system provides B/S architecture client and is based on PGIS electronic map services to provide convenient, rich monitoring and control functions, and statistical analysis function is detailed and intuitive.

• Graphical solution configuration:

The graphical configuration interface is provided, and the timing scheme of the signal can be modified by the drag, pull and drag ways.

• Abundant control functions

It meets the express road, roundabout, tunnels, and other traffic demands of complex variable lane and it has the optimal control functions of the point, line and region and it can respond to the regional strategy demand of city congestion and central bottleneck control function.

• Open system and rich interface

This system can connect with the equipment with the NTCIP agreement of third parties and can provide the protocol interface according to the national standard, to realize the information exchange with other built traffic management system.

• This system can be maintained easily

The system provides the operation and maintenance management, which can facilitate the quick connection and service deployment of the system. It can provide users with personalized fault setting, and can set the system fault alarm to get the user's special attention, which help maintenance personnel to conduct the product maintenance rapidly.

• Effect evaluation function 

The control strategy and scheme are evaluated through the integrated simulation evaluation system VISSIM. The average vehicle travel time, vehicle delay time, vehicle parking times and queue length can be compared.

3.System frame

The Hisense adaptive traffic signal control system adopts three level control modes: intersection control level, regional control level and central control level. The intersection level includes three parts: signal, vehicle detector and information transmission. The region level includes the area control servers, and the central level includes the central control servers.

4.Function introduction  

• The web client-side based on the browser 

The signal control system supports access to the system through the browser which is safe, stable and reliable, and its performance meets the needs of real-time control and user applications. The clients can access to and control the traffic controller through the IE browser server and there is no need to install a dedicated client-side app.

• System operation platform based om GIS map

Based on the map, the signal control strategy can be displayed on the map, which can display the operation state of the macro system and help to check the control ways of each intersection and road and support to check the solution information and the flow information of each single way. And it provides multi junction control functions which help to check the release of each intersection status in the implementation of system coordination, service control, manual plans.

• Remote control and monitoring in center 

The remote control technology realizes the function of the controlling traffic controllers in center, and can monitor the operation state of the traffic controllers in real time.

• Solution configuration is a graphical, intuitive and easy to use

The all content from channelization to program configuration can be achieved by using graphical solutions and being combined with the user's habits through the drag, pull and drag ways. At the same time, the timing tool provides program preservation function, which can be archived and easy to program management.

• Coordinate optimal control

According to the real time traffic data, the central system dynamically optimizes and calculates the signal release scheme of multiple intersections and realizes coordinated optimization control of multi crossings.

• The optimization of bottleneck 

The core system can provide the real-time congestion information of bottleneck intersection according to the traffic traffic controllers to optimize the signal release scheme of upstream and downstream intersection of the bottleneck intersection, in order to rapidly relieve the current road congestion and avoid crossing deadlock.

• Adaptive to solution control of huge activities 

For a particular scene, an intersection can be selected and the optimal control scheme can be made through a graphical way of each intersection. When a particular scenes occur, the best control effect can be achieved through manual or timed ways. This feature can quickly develop a regional level signal control plan in response to support the large-scale activities, daily traffic congestion management, holiday traffic management.

• Intersection historical solution management 

It provides a rich and flexible query method to help the users to quickly locate the history program, gets the modification record quickly, increases the contrast of the graphic and conveniently adjusts the selected scheme changes, in order to help users quickly analysis scheme between different and changing trend finally.

• Traffic control evaluation system 

The system includes perfect automatic traffic control effect evaluation system, the system will complete the signal contrast effect of the optimization control, to solve the problems of using artificial means heavy workload and low reliability of the evaluation results in traffic industry. The evaluation is comprehensive and accurate, and can replace the manual data collection to evaluate the effect, reduce the workload.

5.Main Product Profile  

5.1HiCON adaptive traffic signal control system  

The product is based on GIS map service development. The operation is intuitive and convenient, and it is accessed and used by B/S. Taking system optimization as the core, the system has the 7 functional modules of signal control, signal monitoring, traffic management, statistical analysis, system operation and maintenance, system management, evaluation. While meeting the traffic signal management requirements of traffic police, it can also meet the demand of signal control in some special traffic scenarios.

5.2 SC6101 traffic controller  

SC6101 signal adopts the open communication protocol and provides protocol interface standard. And this high-level traffic controller is stable, flexible, intelligent, low power consumption, easy to expand, easy to install and maintain with 3 categories of 25 kinds of control strategy and the functions of this traffic controller can be selected. SC6101 traffic controller can be adopted in special application scenarios such as ramp control, tunnel control, variable lane control and railway Lane priority control. 

5.3 SC3101 traffic controller  

SC3101 signal adopts the open communication protocol and provides protocol interface standard. And this middle-level traffic controller is stable, flexible, intelligent, low power consumption, easy to expand, easy to install and maintain with 3 categories of 20 kinds of control strategy and the functions of this traffic controller can be selected.

5.4 SC1101 traffic controller  

SC1101 signal adopts the open communication protocol, provides protocol interface standard, adopts the miniaturization design, and uses of hanging rod type installation to realize remote control, wireless networking coordination control and other functions with 4 kinds of control strategy, which is suitable for the intersections with small passenger flow and pedestrian sections.


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