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Urban Traffic Management

In terms of urban traffic management, overall solutions such as urban traffic integrated management and control platform, self-adaptation traffic control system, multifunctional electronic police system, security monitoring/over-speed system, video monitoring and intelligent analysis system, traffic information collection system, traffic information service system, network video monitoring system, video analysis product, etc. are provided.

  • HiCON adaptive traffic signal control system

    HiCON traffic signal control system is mainly to serve the city public security traffic management department, its abundant traffic manage, control functions and data collection, analysis capabilities are able to cope with the complex and volatile liv ...

  • Intelligent city traffic management platform

    The purpose of Hisense intelligent city traffic management platform is to improve the efficiency of traffic management. It integrates lots of subsystems, such as integrated signal control, video monitor, guiding information, electrical police, bayonet ...

  • Traffic flow detector

    Product introduction Traffic flow detector adopts Hisense wireless geomagnetic traffic information acquisition system. It is suitable for the traffic signal control system and traffic information service system. It provides timely, accurate, complete ...

  • Traffic information service platform

    Introduce Based on various traffic information collection and the advanced Multi-source heterogeneous algorithm, HiATIS traffic information service platform is responsible for providing traffic information, guiding information, improving performance t ...

  • SC6101 Traffic Controller

    Overview SC6101 centralized coordinated traffic signal controller is mainly used for the intelligent signal control of the road intersection, and optimizes the control signal to adjust the traffic flow through the vehicle detector information collecti ...

  • Controller Management Tool 6.0

    The Controller management Tool 6.0, installed on PC, is responsible for providing configuration, control and monitor to traffic controllers. It can communicate with a traffic controller by the serial interface or the internet interface. Customers can ...


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