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Success Stories

Beijing UTC Project

From 2005-2007, Beijing government invested huge amounts of money to improve the transportation situation for Olympics 2008. Hisense had got all three bids to supply traffic controller and UTC system for the Olympics project. Those were the Beijing UTC system 2nd project and urban freeway UTC system in 2005 and the UTC system around Olympics venues in 2007.

Hisense traffic controllers are continuously installed in Beijing after year 2008. There are more than 2000 sets of Hisense SC series controller installed in Beijing now, covering large part intersections and the major urban freeway (gray area in below image). 

According to the user’s evaluation, the stop in normal intersection is decreased by 15% and the travel time is dropped by 20%. The stop of main road in freeway is declined by 31.3%, the travel time is dropped by 7.9% and the travel speed is increased by 7.7%.

Beijing Traffic Control Center

Green wave on one road


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