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Success Stories

Foshan Intelligent Traffic Management System

In 2011, HTT has won the bid of intelligent traffic management system in Foshan. The system includes traffic command center, HD video monitoring system, intelligent traffic signal control system, multi-functional automatic traffic enforcement system, traffic data acquisition system, traffic guidance system and traffic integrated management platform system. The user can monitor the traffic status remotely that can find and handle unusual situations in time. The traffic signal can be centralized management and optimized by the system which can reduce the traffic congestion effectively and efficiently. Moreover, it can enrich the off-site enforcement methods that solved the policeman shortage issue.
In Foshan, Hisense equipped more than 100 traffic controllers, more than 300 HD IP cameras and other system equipment. This system has successfully utilized the optimized control function of HiCON that decreased the traffic congestion in the main urban area. It has significantly contributed to improving road traffic efficiency.
The traffic violation and illegal behavior are attacked effectively which improved the traffic order as a result of promoting the city traffic management level because of the application of this system.

Two-stage pedestrian crossing control

Peak time at one intersection
Off-peak time at one intersection


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